Michael ROONEY, 17831857 (age 74 years)

Michael ROONEY
Birth 1783
MarriageCatherine CAULFIELDView this family

Birth of a daughter
Bridget ROONEY
about 1806 (Age 23 years)
Birth of a son
Patrick ROONEY
February 2, 1808 (Age 25 years)
Birth of a son
Michael ROONEY
1809 (Age 26 years)
Birth of a son
March 17, 1817 (Age 34 years)
Birth of a daughter
1818 (Age 35 years)
Birth of a son
June 24, 1820 (Age 37 years)
Birth of a daughter
about 1823 (Age 40 years)
Birth of a daughter
Catherine E ROONEY
1826 (Age 43 years)
Birth of a son
about 1828 (Age 45 years)
Marriage of a childPatrick ROONEYElenor TRACYView this family
about 1837 (Age 54 years)
Marriage of a childMichael ROONEYMaria TRACYView this family
July 9, 1838 (Age 55 years)
Marriage of a childJohn ROONEYMary MCCOOLView this family
October 16, 1844 (Age 61 years)
Shared note: St. Paul's Catholic Church
Emigration 1845 (Age 62 years)

Marriage of a childPatrick Bunam KILLEENCatherine E ROONEYView this family
February 17, 1851 (Age 68 years)
Shared note:
Marriage of a childHugh ROONEYAnn MORRISView this family
February 4, 1856 (Age 73 years)
Shared note:
Marriage of a childThomas ROONEYBridget BROWNView this family
October 11, 1856 (Age 73 years)
Shared note: St. Camillus Church
Death January 12, 1857 (Age 74 years)
Burial January 1857 (Age 74 years)
Family with Catherine CAULFIELD
Birth: 1783Ireland
Death: January 12, 1857Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Canada
2 years
Birth: February 2, 1808 25 24Ireland
Death: April 9, 1889Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA
23 months
Birth: 1809 26 25Galway, Ireland
Death: May 6, 1878Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Canada
8 years
Birth: March 17, 1817 34 33Athlone, Roscommon Co, Ireland
Death: April 23, 1897Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA
22 months
3 years
4 years
4 years
Birth: 1826 43 42Clare, Ireland
Death: January 31, 1901Fort Steele, British Columbia, Canada
3 years
Birth: about 1828 45 44Ireland
Death: 1880Miles City, Custer, Montana

Michael Rooney and Catherine Caulfield emigrated to Canada around 1845 (although there are land records showing Rooney's in the Canada farm census of 1841). In their 60's, they followed several of their grown children, the earliest who was in Canada by 1829. They settled in the Gatineau River region of Quebec, north of Ottawa, near the town of Farrelton (present day La Pêche). The two oldest boys - Patrick (b. 1808) and Michael (b. 1809) - had their own farms in Canada. They also probably did some contract lumbering as this region was rich in lumber and this was the heyday of lumber being shipped by boat to Great Britain.

Michael and Catherine's grandson Thomas T. Rooney, son of John R. Rooney (1854-1925), was possibly a second cousin to his wife Ellen E Rooney (1872-1902). Her grandfather, John Rooney, would have been born at an age to be a brother to Daddy Mick. John's descendants coincidentally fit into the Michael and Catherine Rooney line when a granddaughter married married a Daddy Mick Rooney grandson.

As of 2017, it has been proven by finding DNA matches on Ancestry between the Padua Rooney branch and descendants of the Avon Rooney branch. However, the exact connection is still to be determined.

The Egan's and Rooney's intermarried eight times (all of the couples dying in Pope or Stearns County):

James Rooney (1848-1926) Ann Egan (1846-1914)

Mary Ann Rooney (1865-1937) Dennis Egan (1849->1910)

William Edward Rooney (1897-1980) Mary Emily Egan (1897-1990). Mary was an orphan train adoptee, so not genetically an Egan or a Rooney, even though her "grandfather" was John R. Rooney. Also, her husband William Edward Rooney was one of the "Avon Rooney's." Though not genetically an Egan or a Rooney, even though her "great grandfather" was Michael Rooney on the Padua side, she married William Edward Rooney whose great grandfather was John Rooney the Avon side. Thus by prior relationship they were 3rd cousins, but unrelated by consanguinity.

Mary Rooney (1837-1905) James Egan (1826-1912)

Eleanor Rooney (1842-1902) Patrick Egan (1833-1892)

Elizabeth A Rooney (1866-1904) (first-cousin once-removed to her husband) Thomas Edward Egan (1862-1928)

Martin Gannon (1848-1911) (son of Mary Egan and grandson of Thomas B Egan) Catherine Kilroe (1859->1940) (granddaughter of Bridget Rooney and great granddaughter of Daddy Mick/Mammy Kitty Rooney)

Daniel Michael Rooney (1955-2014) was related to his wife, Karen Ann Majerus (1957-living): His great great grandparents were Michael and Catherine Rooney, while Karen's 4x great grandparents were Michael and Catherine. Thus, they were third cousins twice-removed. Also, Karen is an Egan descendent as well.

Including the three cousin marriages listed just above, there are these additional three:

In 1877, Sarah Margaret Tracy, daughter of Ann Rooney, married her first cousin, John J. Rooney, son of Patrick Rooney.

In 1888, Hugh M. Rooney married his first cousin, Winifred Sophia Rooney.

In about 1889, Thomas T. Rooney of the Padua Rooney branch married his second cousin, Ellen E. Rooney, of the Avon Rooney branch.

Randy Rooney says (May 2016):

"I have been in contact with my closest Y-DNA result match who has a genetic distance of 1 out of the 37 markers I had tested. His great grandfather, Patrick [Rooney] b. ~1845, was from Dundalk, County Louth , just south of County Down. Is it possible that we aren't finding Rooney's in the area of Parish Moore since Michael wasn't from that part of Ireland, but just started his family there because Catherine was from there? And if Michael didn't have strong family ties to the area, did that prompt their emigration from Ireland. It seems reasonable they lived near Parish Moore at one time if Thomas married Ellen Ward there, and Michael/Catherine are listed as being from Co. Galway on the Canadian marriage record of John Rooney/Mary McCool. However, what else is known about where they had lived prior to Canada? The more we learn, the more questions there seem to be…"

Earlier in his email Randy said: "Clonburren and Moore South graveyards, [the two others besides the Kilbegley Cemetery associated with the Parish of Moore in Roscommon], have been completed already [cleaning, reading and photographing old monuments], so you can see what Kilbegley eventually will include. I found the Moore South graveyard interesting since there were many Caulfield's, but no Rooney's." Ten Caulfield's, to be exact.

July, 2017:

Looking at Geraldine Felling Walsh's Ancestry DNA pages. She and her siblings and several of her living first cousins are closer to the Rooney ancestors genetically than are any of the rest of us. There are a number of people related to her that have a Rooney in their family tree, but those Rooney's have no known connection to us. The furtherest ancestor any of them listed could be as close as a first cousin or a nephew or niece to "Daddy Mick." They appear so far to come from either Leitrim or Mayo in Ireland. Maybe they are from a "Leitrim" branch?