Bridget BROWN, 18231922 (age 99 years)

Bridget BROWN
Birth June 6, 1823
MarriageThomas ROONEYView this family
October 11, 1856 (Age 33 years)
Shared note: St. Camillus Church
Birth of a daughter
April 4, 1858 (Age 34 years)
Baptism of a daughterMary Ann ROONEY
April 18, 1858 (Age 34 years)
Birth of a son
John Patrick ROONEY
February 11, 1860 (Age 36 years)
Baptism of a sonJohn Patrick ROONEY
March 11, 1860 (Age 36 years)
Birth of a son
January 13, 1862 (Age 38 years)
Baptism of a sonPeter ROONEY
January 14, 1862 (Age 38 years)
Birth of a daughter
Winifred Sophia ROONEY
August 3, 1864 (Age 41 years)
Baptism of a daughterWinifred Sophia ROONEY
August 14, 1864 (Age 41 years)
Birth of a son
Thomas James ROONEY
July 3, 1866 (Age 43 years)
Baptism of a sonThomas James ROONEY
July 24, 1866 (Age 43 years)
Death of a daughterMary Ann ROONEY
August 21, 1870 (Age 47 years)

Birth of a daughter
September 1, 1871 (Age 48 years)
Death of a sonPeter ROONEY
about 1885 (Age 61 years)

Marriage of a childHugh M ROONEYWinifred Sophia ROONEYView this family
July 17, 1888 (Age 65 years)
Marriage of a childJohn Patrick ROONEYMary Ester BATTERBERRYView this family
February 22, 1892 (Age 68 years)
Death of a husbandThomas ROONEY
April 23, 1897 (Age 73 years)
Burial of a husbandThomas ROONEY
April 1897 (Age 73 years)
Marriage of a childFrank John LANDWEHRMary Ann ROONEYView this family
November 26, 1908 (Age 85 years)

Death August 22, 1922 (Age 99 years)
Burial August 24, 1922 (2 days after death)
Family with Thomas ROONEY
Birth: March 17, 1817 34 33Athlone, Roscommon Co, Ireland
Death: April 23, 1897Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA
Birth: June 6, 1823County Mayo, Ireland
Death: August 22, 1922Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA
Marriage: October 11, 1856Farrelton, Wakefield, Quebec, Canada
18 months
Birth: April 4, 1858 41 34Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Can
Death: August 21, 1870
23 months
Birth: February 11, 1860 42 36Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Can
Death: September 25, 1942Brooten, Stearns County, Minnesota
23 months
Birth: January 13, 1862 44 38Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Canada
Death: about 1885
3 years
Birth: August 3, 1864 47 41Wakefield Twsp, Gatineau Co, Quebec, Can
Death: May 16, 1942Bangor Township, Pope, Minnesota, USA
23 months
Birth: July 3, 1866 49 43Wakefield Twsp, Quebec, Canada
Death: July 24, 1934Sedan, Pope Co, MN
5 years
Birth: September 1, 1871 54 48Raymond Twsp, Stearns Co, MN
Death: June 25, 1963Glenwood, Pope, Minnesota, USA
Thomas ROONEY + Ellen WARD
Birth: March 17, 1817 34 33Athlone, Roscommon Co, Ireland
Death: April 23, 1897Bangor, Pope, Minnesota, USA
partner’s partner
Birth: 1821Co. Cork, Ireland
Death: June 1846Ballydangan, County Roscommon, Ireland
Marriage: Ireland
Birth: January 25, 1844 26 23Ireland
Death: December 12, 1918Padua, Stearns Co, MN
2 years
Birth: about 1845 27 24Ireland
Death: 1847at sea

St. Camillus Church


Bridget was born in Ireland in 1823, came to Canada in 1838, married Thomas Rooney in 1854, and settled in Stearns County in 1867 - BUT, the 1900 census says she came to the U.S. in 1871. That census also says she had 6 kids of which 4 are still alive, and that matches our records.

She died of chronic myocarditis with contributory causes of embolism of right knee at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Landwehr, at the age 99. (She's listed with that family in the 1920 census.) She suffered a paralytic stroke about 3 1/2 months before her death.

Mrs. Thomas Rooney

Mrs. Thomas Rooney, or Grandma Rooney as she was affectionately known by those who knew her, passed away on Tuesday, August 22, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Landwehr, residing two miles south of Sedan. She was at the time of her death more than 99 yrs. old. She had been well until about three and a half months ago when she suffered a paralytic stroke after which she was confined to her bed. Until about four years ago she kept house for her son Thomas. She had been a resident of the community in which she lived for 55 years. She and her husband were some of the very first settlers in this part of Minnesota. Deceased was born in County Mayo Ireland on June 6, 1823. She came to America in 1838 and settled first in Ottawa, Canada. In 1854 she was married to Thomas Rooney, and in 1867 they came to the United States and settled first in the western part of Stearns county. About 32 yrs. ago they removed to Pope county and settled near Sedan. Mr. Rooney died 28 yrs. ago. Following are the surviving children of the deceased: J. P. Rooney, of Glenwood, county commissioner of Pope County, Hugh Rooney and Mrs. Frank Landwehr of Bangor township, and Thomas Rooney, hardware merchant in Sedan. Funeral services were conducted last Thursday at the Catholic Church with interment in Sedan Catholic cemetery. There was a very large attendance at the funeral services and the large number of floral offerings showed how much she was loved and esteemed by those who knew her. A very large delegation from Glenwood attended the obsequies. The Herald joins in expressing sincere sympathy to the bereaved family .

WPA Project sponsored by "The Pope County Historical Society." Copied from the August 31, 1922 "Glenwood Herald" on May 16, 1939.