Mary GaffaneyAge: 10218921994

Mary Gaffaney
Given names
Married name
Mary Mitchell
Birth February 2, 1892
Leven Township, Pope Co, MN

MarriagePaul Dennis MitchellView family
May 31, 1913 (Age 21)
Villard, Pope Co, MN

Birth of a son
Woodrow Edward Mitchell
May 10, 1914 (Age 22)
Brooten, Stearns Co, MN

Birth of a daughter
Fyrn Marie Mitchell
July 22, 1921 (Age 29)
Brooten, Stearns Co, MN

Death of a husbandPaul Dennis Mitchell
October 19, 1923 (Age 31)
Leven Township, Pope Co, MN

Marriage of a childWoodrow Edward MitchellEathel May BennettView family
May 1939 (Age 47)

Marriage of a childLester R. JensenFyrn Marie MitchellView family
December 11, 1939 (Age 47)
Webster, Day Co, South Dakota

Birth of a grandson
Paul Roland Jensen
October 25, 1940 (Age 48)
Osakis, Douglas Co, MN

Birth of a grandson
Dennis Edward Mitchell
July 1, 1941 (Age 49)
St. Louis Co, MN

Death of a sonWoodrow Edward Mitchell
April 22, 1950 (Age 58)
Herman, St. Louis Co, Minnesota

Birth of a grandson
Robert Lester Jensen
November 12, 1954 (Age 62)
Douglas Co, MN

Marriage of a grandchildRobert Lester JensenMargaret Ann RuscheView family
October 3, 1982 (Age 90)
Eagle River, Vilas Co, Wisconsin

Marriage of a childKenneth L. SoderholmFyrn Marie MitchellView family
December 5, 1982 (Age 90)
Douglas Co, MN

Death of a grandsonRobert Lester Jensen
February 14, 1987 (Age 95)
Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota

Marriage of a childMarvin Henry DobberpuhlFyrn Marie MitchellView family
June 12, 1993 (Age 101)
Douglas Co, MN

Death December 26, 1994 (Age 102)
Alexandria, Douglas Co, MN

Family with Paul Dennis Mitchell - View family
Paul Dennis Mitchell
Birth: September 12, 1885 41 37Bangor Twsp, Pope Co, MN
Death: October 19, 1923Leven Township, Pope Co, MN
Mary Gaffaney
Birth: February 2, 1892Leven Township, Pope Co, MN
Death: December 26, 1994Alexandria, Douglas Co, MN
Marriage: May 31, 1913Villard, Pope Co, MN
11 months
Woodrow Edward Mitchell
Birth: May 10, 1914 28 22Brooten, Stearns Co, MN
Death: April 22, 1950Herman, St. Louis Co, Minnesota
7 years
Fyrn Marie Mitchell
Birth: July 22, 1921 35 29Brooten, Stearns Co, MN
Death: May 22, 2008Nelson, Douglas Co, Minnesota